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You should start your presentation or meeting by sharing your program topic in the first sentence. For example, it’s OK to start by saying “Today I’m going to give you a status update on…”

Based on a three-part scientific communications model equaling 100%, which of the following is accurate in determining your impact on an audience?

If you are going to include a Question and Answer component as part of your presentation or meeting, it’s usually best to do so at the very end, after you finish delivering your key messages.

If you’re doing a presentation using PowerPoint and a key stakeholder asks a question related to something you know is on slide 5, and you’re on slide 2, what should you do?

In order to protect your credibility, how many times in a typical presentation or meeting can you tell questioners you’ll get back to them with the answer because you’re not sure what the answer is at that moment?

If you know you’re going to have an “opposer” in your presentation or meeting, it is best to acknowledge it up front and let the “opposer” share his/her perspective before launching into your message.

Your voice projects better when you are standing or sitting?

If you are delivering a stand-up PowerPoint presentation, which side of the projection screen should you stand by for the majority of the presentation?

If a key stakeholder has become disengaged (gets on their phone) in a meeting, you should ignore the person and focus on those who seem interested.

When you tell the audience you are about to conclude, you should do so within:

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