Leaders are on display every day and like it or not, are judged on how they effectively they communicate business objectives and company values. The Black Sheep Reputations formula for success covers five modules: visual (body language, eye contact and visual aids), voice (modulation and volume), verbal (message development, presentation outline), vocal (audience management) and value (first impressions, professional appearance and confidence). The session includes group discussion, videotaped role-plays and critiques of other business leaders’ speeches.

Mid-level managers working to advance their careers and senior-level managers who need to invest in professional development.
After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Grab the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds
  • Make body language work and avoid distracting gestures
  • Keep the message simple, even when the information is highly technical
  • Deliver messages with “calls to action” in every meeting or presentation
  • Maximize the effect of audio/visuals so that you remain the “star” and reduce dependency on PowerPoint
  • Handle difficult questions through proper audience management
  • Inject appropriate humor
  • Use good voice modulation
  • Discover ways to enhance phone conference and video conference pitches
  • Make good first impressions
  • Project a professional appearance

  • Complete online participant survey on presentation skills and executive presence
  • Distribute colleague evaluations
  • Develop a new 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation or modify an existing one
  • Create an elevator speech

2 full days for 12 participants

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