This interactive classroom session focuses on taking your presentation skills to the next level … whether face-to-face or virtual. Participants will be on their feet several times, fine-tuning their delivery styles in multiple settings, focusing on visual impact (body language and visual aids), voice (modulation and volume), content (story board and message development) and audience management (tough questions and audience challengers). The session includes group discussion, videotaped role plays in multiple scenarios (conference room, auditorium and conference call), active coaching by consultant and constructive feedback from participants.

Professionals who deliver presentations, with or without PowerPoint, on a regular basis to employees or customers.
After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Identify personal presentation strengths and refine your presentation style
  • Prepare message content that it is persuasive and engaging, based on what really matters to the audience
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence, enthusiasm and control
  • Anticipate and respond successfully to audience challenges
  • Establish processes for developing and rehearsing presentations

  • Complete online survey on presentation skills assessment
  • Develop a new 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation or modify an existing one
  • Create two-minute pitch for your “Bright Idea”

2 days for up to 12 participants

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