We’re all born with natural talents. When we reinforce those talents with focus, education, and experience we build a collection of strengths. It is a statistical fact that when we choose professions and/or positions that exploit our strengths we are far more likely to be happy and achieve success. In this interactive and engaging format, we’ll explore your talents and identify patterns in order to support your professional path. We’ll also explore the themes your team is strong and those that can be improved.

Mid-level to senior leaders.

  • Establish the purpose in learning to work to one’s strengths
  • Identify personal strengths and potential challenges
  • Gain an understanding of the strengths of others
  • Identify personal behavioral patterns
  • Conduct team assessments and methods for improvement
  • Perform a real-world case study
  • Role-play interviews to recognize and reveal Strengths

A one-day program designed for up to 30 participants

A half-day program geared toward 40-50 early career employees

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