Regardless of the position you have, the most important asset for success is you: how you come across to colleagues and customers, how well you influence those around you, how you express yourself in communications and appearance, how you position yourself in the organization. In this interactive and engaging format, learn the tools and tips you need to rediscover your brand strengths and reduce your brand liabilities.

This professional branding program is designed for entry to mid-level managers.
After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Identify personal strengths and potential challenges to create a stronger professional image
  • Understand the elements of making a good first impression
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak confidently in different settings
  • Conduct a meeting with authority
  • Master etiquette to include email, phone, and work-related social events
  • Determine “brand strengths” and utilize them for career advancement

1 day for up to 15 participants

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