From Jeff’s Desk: The Power of Social

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Author Jeff Black

My staff at Black Sheep has been on me about staying relevant with social media.  I’m not writing this blog while kicking and screaming . . . . , well, not much anyway.

Kim Madden, a Senior Consultant indirectly proved the point home to me with a recent client of mine – a community hospital that every Friday features an “Employee of the Week” on their Facebook.  Within 24 hours of posting a popular employee’s photo, there were over 5,500 “likes.”  That is more than the population of the town where the hospital is located!  Amazing!

Black Sheep, as a communications leader, has hired Sarah Chapman.  As a Social Engagement Strategist she will help us be “liked” by more people and provide executive coaching & training in the social space.  You will hear more from her in the weeks ahead.

The bottom line is that I’m in – I know it’s especially important with my book now out.  One client recently sent an email to me stating that he wanted to buy the book but couldn’t find me on Twitter.   Part of Unleashing Your Best Self is making sure others can find you.  Black Sheep is ready to be heard in social.  Give us a call and we can help you be heard as well.


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