From Jeff’s Desk: What are you known for?

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What Are You Known For?

I was flying out of Columbia, SC not long ago and the gate agent announced over the loud speaker:  “Jeffrey Black, please knownforsee the gate agent at Gate 10.”  I was nearby and immediately walked up, and stated, “I’m Jeffrey Black.”  And within 10 seconds, the man next to me at the counter said to the gate agent:  “My name is also Jeffrey Black.”  What?!?  You’re kidding me.  Who was this imposter trying to be the Black Sheep?

We all had a good laugh about it, but as I stepped on the plane, it did make me think about our individual brands.  How are we known at work?  What distinguishes us from others, whether they have the same job, or in my case, the same name.

One of my clients at American Airlines said something very powerful to me, “Jeff, I’ve been so busy building the American Airlines brand that I have forgotten to build my own.”  Think about that powerful statement, please!  Companies have great brands because they have great individuals.

Spend some time today reflecting on your own brand.  How can you make it stronger, and therefore, increase your value in the marketplace?  In this competitive world, don’t get lost in the back of the plane.  Deliver “first class” excellence and watch your brand value grow.


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