This individual coaching program is designed for leaders preparing for an upcoming media interview or those who may face the microphones in the future. In today’s instant news world, every person who has a cell phone should be considered a reporter, because a story can be videoed and downloaded to a major news organization’s website in less than 30 seconds. In addition to traditional media outlets, social media now has to be managed and monitored as part of our 24/7 news cycle. Through realistic, videotaped role plays, discussion and excerpts of real interviews with business executives, leaders will learn how to take control of an interview and get out their company’s story … no matter what the reporter asks.

  • Prepare key messages and turn them into memorable sound bites
  • Stay on message and take control of a media interview … no matter what
  • Stand, sit and project properly to maximize the verbal message
  • Use key strategies for public appearances and presentations
  • Project caring strength, especially during a crisis
  • Answer the two most important questions in a crisis and shape public opinion
  • Not make the same mistakes other business executives did during their media interviews

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