When Annie Gibson, an 87-year-old woman from Summerton, South Carolina, said this to Jeff Black, principal of Black Sheep Reputations, several years ago, he knew for the first time the definition of a leader.

“I didn’t do this just for me or my children … I did this for the community, the entire community…”

We assume that leaders are senior executives of Fortune 100 corporations, successful entrepreneurs, elected officials … people who get the attention of a community, state or nation. Annie Gibson was none of these. Her actions in November 1949, however, defined her leadership role in school desegregation. That’s when she signed a local petition asking for equal educational opportunities for her children. Her small act, which came with great sacrifice, changed the course of history. Gibson, who became a friend to Jeff, taught him the true definition of leadership: leaders are awakened because of something that is stirred inside their hearts.

Through a motivational keynote speech, Jeff shares his four step process to help leaders juggle all the responsibilities they face each day, to show them simple ways to communicate more effectively, to help them deal with difficult challenges and difficult people and to remind them that leaders never give up.

Anyone who needs to be inspired, to laugh, or to be reminded of what matters most in life.

  • Balance work and family commitments
  • Communicate more effectively to bosses, co-workers and customers
  • Tell stories to make messages memorable
  • Know the importance of facts versus. feelings
  • Grasp the 20/60/20 rule of leadership
  • Understand the impact of the self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Never give up

Minimum 1 hour.

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