Designed for women on a leadership trajectory, this engaging one-day program offers grounded techniques for building a powerful brand. Modules include: stepping up to the language of leadership, speaking with authority, seeing a clear view of ourselves and how we interact with others, and negotiating your value for guilt-free success. The session will reveal mental models that can hold women back, but more importantly, show how to change those mental models to allow for greater success.

Women in entry to mid-level leadership positions with a desire to advance their careers.
Participants will gain

  • A clear understanding of how to use language to enhance their brand
  • Tools to communicate with influence to audiences, either in a group or one-on-one
  • Negotiation skills to more effectively communicate their value to the organization
  • Insight into what drives others and what motivates them personally
  • The ability to speak with authority so they come across as compelling and authentic

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