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Executive Presence

General Patton had it. So did Jack Welch. Steve Jobs did, too. Were they born with a gift or did they learn it? We’re talking about executive presence, the ability to speak with confidence, engage the audience and inspire others to action. Our most popular program.


Keynote Speakers

Events are made memorable by keynote speakers. Give people something to remember—and talk about—with Black Sheep’s keynoters and authors of Release Your BS: Jeff Black, Kimberly Faith Madden and Carol Hamilton. Choose an existing topic or start from scratch. Either way, Black Sheep will entertain and engage you!


Black Sheep Buzz

I’ve worked with Jeff Black for more than a decade, and I am always glad that I asked for help or brought him in to help others. He is a great coach.

Chip Blankenship, President & CEO, GE Appliances


Warning: 3 Trends You Need to Embrace to Shape Your Brand

Every week we receive requests to coach a new manager, a leader who has been identified as high potential, or an executive facing a career crisis. It is our job to figure out the gap between expectations and performance or identify the leverage which can take the leader to the next level. Having worked with […]

January 22, 2016 by BlackSheep3 in The BlackSheep Blog | Comments (1) |

EQ on the Rise – By Carol Hamilton

Imagine someone asking you to write a technical report without the use of a computer.  Sure the task can be accomplished, but there’s little argument that it would be far more difficult. That scenario is the equivalent to a person being asked to lead others without having the tool of high emotional intelligence (EQ). What […]

April 15, 2015 by BlackSheep3 in News, The BlackSheep Blog | Comments (0) |

Brand Repair this tale…

In case you haven’t heard, Brian Williams has had trouble getting the facts straight on one of his personal stories.  In a story broken by the US military newspaper, Stars and Stripes Williams was informed that he was not aboard a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire and forced down, in fact, “the NBC […]

February 17, 2015 by BlackSheep3 in News, The BlackSheep Blog | Comments (0) |

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