Demonstrating executive presence is no longer optional for leaders who wish to be exceptional in their interactions with employees, managers and clients. In this popular Black Sheep program, participants learn how to enhance daily communications, presentations, meetings and social interactions. Influencing others, standing out and fine-tuning one’s personal brand are key objectives in this session.

Mid-level managers working to advance their careers and senior-level managers who need to invest in their professional development.
After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Speak confidently in different settings, especially in meetings and presentations, both face-to-face and virtual
  • Identify your personal communications style and the styles of others
  • Discover strategies to influence others
  • Stand out in the crowd and make a great first impression with bosses and clients at work and social events

  • Complete online participant survey on presentation skills and executive presence
  • Distribute Colleague Evaluations (approximately 30)
  • Develop a new 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation or modify an existing one
  • Create an elevator speech
  • Take DiSC online Behavioral/Communications Profile

Each participant receives a one-hour phone and/or e-mail consultation with Jeff Black to prepare for a major presentation, client meeting or job promotion interview.
3 days for up to 12 participants

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