Heard on the Street

“All participants unanimously loved the training. Everyone made improvement in one area or another and did not have enough positive things to say about the course. Ana Chadwick, our CFO, commented that these were some of the best and most professional presentations that she’s ever seen. I personally saw a significant amount of progress from one day to the next in every single presentation and with every single presenter. Further I noticed that many people improved their confidence with English skills, which is particularly important for my group.”
Alicia Hegle, GE Money

“Thank you for your note, but more importantly, thank you for a fantastic week. Your insights and guidance provided will be invaluable through out our entire careers. I look forward to spending some additional time with you in coming months.”
Jim Apostolides, GE Energy

“I thought the activities and discussions were great for the team. Black Sheep did an awesome job facilitating and teaching us.”
Brian DeGryse, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“I would like to thank you very much for conducting an excellent course during the past three days. On the way back to Beijing, I am reviewing the pitch, my DISC file and notes, which is very helpful to me to improve through several aspects. I will draft my check up list to adapt what I learned from the course.”
Li Jing Jing, GE Energy Infrastructure

“Of all the trainings I have participated in at Genpact, Black Sheep is thus far the best of all. I think we were all shaken up from our ‘beliefs’ on effective communication in some or the other way. Jeff: Thanks for creating a conducive environment for our learning.”
Umesh Pahwa, Genpact

“I am sure you have seen my comments in the participant feedback survey, but I feel compelled to tell you again how much I enjoyed this program. It was extremely worthwhile. I learned a lot about executive presence as well as my style from the third party input, which is always valuable! I also picked up some excellent tips to help me become a better presenter and leader, which I do believe will help advance my career. In addition, professionally it was great to watch you coach the group. Being a communicator, I am often the coach of my executives. This was an added benefit that I was able to walk away with. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in this program and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.”
Kimberly C. Ramalho, GE Power & Water

“You got a 10+ from someone! Great, fabulous job as always!”
Lara Hewitt, South Carolina Hospital Association

“You were the rock star of our meeting! Thanks for two high energy sessions that really resonated with our audience.”
Reba Campbell, Municipal Association of South Carolina