When Sandra Pinckney steps on stage, or welcomes a group eager to polish their professional skills at a Black Sheep program, the reaction is predictable. Apprehension turns into confidence, and confidence turns to an audience held in rapt attention.

Sandra knows the power of effective communication: how to develop a good message, tell a great story and deliver both with confidence, authenticity and style. In her case, that style includes a healthy dose of humor.

She got her start at the CBS affiliate in Baltimore where she associate-produced the show credited with launching Oprah Winfrey’s career. The decision to move from behind the camera to in front was a good one – she rose quickly from weekend reporter to prime time anchor.

National shows followed. Food Network presented the opportunity to live her passion for artisanal out-of-the-way foods and travel, as host for what would be an award winning program, “Food Finds.”

The passion for travel began early in Sandra’s life. The daughter of a diplomat, she would travel around the world with her family … experiences that would shape her view of the world and her place in it.

Sandra leads the “Brand You: Your Personal Presence” program at Black Sheep, which always receives raves reviews at GE and other companies.   In addition, she provides media training workshops, drawing from a business she has grown to know intimately over the course of a 25-year broadcasting career. A career that has taken her from NBC Universal to Fox Network, Food Network, RLTV and OWN.

She also offers business etiquette seminars, filling a need in our increasingly tech-driven marketplace, where basic manners, civility, and the understanding of cultural diversity are needed more than ever.

Sandra is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant from the Protocol School of Washington.