“In the beginning, Jeff Black was nothing but pure entertainment, but near the end of his session, I realized he actually does have a little substance.”
(Past Black Sheep Participant)

With tongue firmly implanted in cheek, Jeff Black takes great pride in the above statement, because no one wants to sit through a training program or keynote speech and be bored out of their minds. There are enough PowerPoint presentations to accomplish that. People want to learn executive presence and communication strategies they can implement when they walk out of the room. They want to be engaged … and yes, sometimes they want to be entertained.

Jeff named his company Black Sheep for two reasons: 1) He became the black sheep for not going into the family business. Selling Buicks wasn’t for him. 2) He believes there needs to be a little “black sheep” in all of us—stand out from the herd in a very crowded marketplace. He offers coaching, consulting and training programs on projecting executive presence, delivering strong presentations, demonstrating excellent communication skills, influencing customers and talking to the media.

With his first book from Morgan James Publishing, Unleash Your BS (Best Self), Jeff is now a sought after keynote speaker—engaging, entertaining, and cajoling audiences to strengthen their personal brands. Some of his strategies for success come from his work in television, both in front of and behind the camera: assistant to the executive producer of a primetime TV drama, weather anchor, news reporter, and on-air host for his state’s lottery drawing.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree in Administration and Human Resources Management from Troy University. He has earned the highest level of professional accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America and the National Speakers Association.

He is involved in many community and charitable causes, including downtown revitalization and the American Cancer Society. Jeff resides with his family in Manning, South Carolina.