Welcome to the Blonde Black Sheep! I will help you taking your Team from: From Impossible to I’m possible!Goran headshot

During my career I have been working with a big variety of clients to help organizations to excel. My focus area during the years has been as a: trainer, consultant, facilitator and a coach.

I have had the opportunity to work with global customers and trained thousands of people around the globe in a variety of different programs, primarily within: Sales, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Brand Enhancement and Customer enthusiasm.

Very often the assignment has been to take overall strategies to be efficient and make a difference for the customer in a local market. From Global to (G)local.

During my years as a trainer I have come across many different methods, strategies and ways of deliver training.

I have worked with people from all over the globe in many different projects everything from smaller Kick Offs to worldwide projects. I am an inspiring speaker, demanding trainer and pragmatic coach.

As a person Im a curious team player, open, inspiring, trustworthy, transparent, pragmatic and easy to work with, I take my obligations seriously, and do my best to not take myself to seriously.

Im flexible and have an open mind about how to achieve goals as long as you are playing by the rules.