Ben Knipscher is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer with 20 years of facilitation, teamBen K - High Resolution-10 building, and leadership experience. Through his work with soldiers,diplomats, and global partners, Ben has finely honed his communications skills and fortunately for us all, he now helps Black Sheep clients do the same.

Ben plays a pivotal role in Black Sheep’s newest veteran-focused programs. Leadership Beyond Rank is a program offering assistance to veterans adjusting to a corporate setting. Supporting Veterans in the Workplace is a program that works with corporate personnel responsible for helping military veterans thrive.

Throughout his career, Ben has immersed himself in the team work and camaraderie necessary to achieve a common goal. Today, he has proven his knowledge can be naturally transferred to corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Jeff Black and his team of consultants are grateful to Ben for his service to our country and are proud to welcome this U.S. Army Veteran to our roster.