Profile5Adrian Rios is a bilingual and bicultural Electrical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering. He’s currently working on his MBA to be applied in the field of Aeronautics.   So why did this overachiever (as he is affectionately called) pursue a position on the Black Sheep team? Because he’s passionate about helping leaders strengthen their communication skills and leadership brands.

By day, Adrian works as a Manufacturing Engineer at one of the world’s largest global security companies. In his free time, he facilitates sessions as a Black Sheep consultant, coaching technical experts on how to communicate beyond the data.   He’s determined to transform the image of all professionals into influential partners in their company’s success. He also places great importance on cultural diversity in the workplace and works with multi-cultural audiences to ensure their brands are fully visible and valued.

He knows what it’s like to speak in front of a tough audience.   Prior to starting his corporate career, Adrian taught mathematics for three years to high school students.   After that, he’s says he can handle any Black Sheep audience!

Adrian has organized and participated in multiple leadership conferences focusing on personal and professional development. He is very proud of his Hispanic heritage and is heavily involved in different Hispanic leadership organizations that cultivate young talent. From the start of the challenging world of high school mathematics, to the exciting world of engineering, Adrian Rios has now directed his career onto a different path as a member of the Black Sheep team. We told you early on that he’s an overachiever.