Why the name Black Sheep? Glad you asked… Our company was named on a fateful day, more than 15 years ago, when Jeff Black left his family business to launch his own communications consulting firm. Upon informing his wife of his intentions, she replied, “Well you’d better name your company Black Sheep, because you’ve just been written out of the will.” And that’s where it all began.

Black Sheep’s first client was global giant General Electric. In no time, Jeff’s reputation as a communications expert with a charismatic training style, expanded the firm’s client list to include: NBC, Bank of America, Lockheed-Martin, American Airlines, Procter & Gamble, the U.S. Army, NASCAR drivers, and an array of others. Of course, expanding the client list also meant expanding the firm, so Jeff began his search to find just the right people to facilitate Black Sheep programs and coaching sessions.

Finding new team members wasn’t an easy task. By Jeff’s definition, the term “Black Sheep” refers to people who are unique because they are willing to stand out, be seen and heard. Therefore, every Black Sheep consultant had to fit that description as well as being a skilled facilitator and a master of communications. Fortunately, over time, Jeff assembled a team of individuals who fill the bill beautifully. Though our consultants come from diverse backgrounds, the Black Sheep materials remain consistent and highly praised by training participants.

Today, Black Sheep is a thriving consulting firm that serves a spectrum of industries. Our goal is to assure that your team members make a positive and memorable impression whether they’re communicating with customers, employees or the CEO. After all, communication is, and always will be, your greatest strength … or your greatest liability.

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