Based on a corporate crisis ripped from today’s headlines, Unleash Your BS (Best Self) tells the tale of Fortune 500 managers who are suddenly facing a post-merger downsizing. With careers hanging in the balance, they are dropped into a leadership and communications training program that will either leave them in charge . . .or leave them behind.

JT Black, the independent consultant known for his entertaining style and powerful results, is assigned the task of developing the managers’ leadership finesse, executive presence and communication skills. In other words, cajoling them to lead and be heard.

This book is for every manager ready to rise to the next level of his or her leadership. Whether you’re in a volatile work environment or are gearing up for your next promotion, this book offers concrete techniques for enhancing your executive presence and strengthening your personal brand.

What People Are Saying about Unleash Your BS (Best Self)

“This book is an excellent reminder of Jeff Black’s key messages, delivered in a fun format. I’ve worked with Jeff for more than a decade, and I am always glad that I asked for help or brought him in to help others.”
Chip Blankenship, President & CEO, GE Appliances

“A refreshing story that captures how his Executive Presence Program is delivered. Jeff Black has had a remarkable impact on my career….”
Bill Collins, Vice President, American Airlines

“Regardless of your experience as a communicator, [this book] should be on your ‘must read’ list. The concepts are conveyed through stories that are fun to read, yet packed with important lessons…and be your best self.”
Kimberly Admire, Former Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“It is a great business story that brings to life the corporate environment in moments of crisis, while providing simple to digest tactics to improve one’s personal brand.”
Lilkar Molina, Senior Engineer, Procter & Gamble